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It is usual to have some concerns, or maybe your first birth was frightening

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Often after a difficult birth new mums are left reeling. They can be overwhelmed by what happened and be deeply effected. 

Symptoms can include hypervigilance, nightmares, increasing physical pain and tension, insomnia, feeling out of control and alone, a sense of dread and excessive tearfulness. Or you may feel numb and disconnected. 

This is very natural and also the time to ask for help! It is normal to have a strong reaction to overwhelming experiences. At Delivering Mum we offer supportive, effective help to alleviate these common symptoms.

Buried or 'Hidden' Memories

Are you resisting having another child, unable to even face the idea of another pregnancy? 

Or perhaps you don't really know why but a new pregnancy is just not happening? Or maybe you have found yourself pregnant and the memories of a previous birth have suddenly surfaced causing you fear and anxiety. 

This could be what we call a hidden or latent trauma. When we are frightened or overwhelmed this can often cause a disconnect in our memory system and things that are 'too much' can get buried. The good news is that these memories can be processed. At Delivering Mum we can help you do this in a safe, natural and gentle way.

Trying Again - New Birth Preparation

Once previous negative memories have been processed in a natural and safe way we can then proceed with the preparation for a new birth story. 

All women deserve to have a safe and supported birth environment for themselves and their new baby. 

We can empower you with strong preparation and a greater sense of control. Plus you will take away an effective toolbox of self applied skills to create the birth, this time, that is right for you.

About Kate


I support women to release birth trauma and the associated negative patterns that can dominate and ruin family life. This is why I like to work with women during the crucial postnatal phase and support them to find their maternal, brilliant best. If we hold and support mothers they will nurture happy families and the next generation.


I have worked with birth trauma and postnatal depression for over 30 years starting as a body centred therapist and moved into adding different talk therapies as my practice developed. My approach is multidisciplinary using combined talk therapies, body based techniques and the rapidly emerging field of energy psychology. As an Executive Board Member of AAMET International a charity I am committed to bringing effective trauma relief to the vulnerable in society.


I am a survivor of complex PTSD and experienced life threatening birth and post natal trauma when my beautiful son was born. Luckily I had a toolbox of skills and excellent colleagues to support me. So that you can have that too I have dedicated the last 10 years to developing a process to help women who have suffered as I did. We have innate mechanisms within us to help us survive trauma - I would be privileged to show you how to find (and use!) these skills yourself.

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